Wednesday, 23 March 2011


And packing it all day. Martin came round in the evening to collect his porta-studio gubbins and we went for a couple of glasses of wine, and I tried to convince him to start a new band called The Suitors where he would dress like Jacques Dutronc* and write songs that are funny. He's one of the wittiest people I know - why not write songs that showcase it a bit.

Laura, my beautiful sister, also came round, bubble-wrapped our paintings and tried on Kelly's faux breasts. Bosom related fun was had by all. It was like a Russs Meyer film without the self-regarding, self-obsessed ante-post modern fannying. I'm looking at you, Ebert.

Packing is a miserable thing to do on your own. Am gaffa-taping boxes watching Lilly Allen's "From riches to rags" against her wishes. I don't care - I rather like Lilly Allen.

* Then, not now. His "now" look is a bit THEN JEHRICO

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