Monday, 17 January 2011

"What you've done is set up a false opposition" "I do apologise"

I've had a complaint. My blog is not as good as my wife's blog. It is informative but dull; it does not sparkle like Kelly's. I don't disagree: my wife is an excellent writer, too good for the rag she works for.

But then again, I'm not in competition with her! This is a classic case of the construction of a false opposition: why pit mine and Kelly's blogs against each other as a sort of gladitorial contest? Other blogs ARE available and our's share very little in terms of style, content, approach or intent. Kelly's blog is full of well argued, lavishly tooled editorial essays; each illustrated with photos and trailed with commentary from her adoring public. It's like the be-bylined think piece in a glossy Sunday periodical. Except well written. And funny.

At best, or most poncily, you could call mine "pensees". It's gonzo thinking, a stream of consciousness reflecting the fact that for much of the blog's life I didnt know where I'd be living or what I'd be doing from one day to the next. It's very personal and reveals a lot about how I feel in charged, emotional language (swearing). It has its own gritty impasto; it's just slapped at the monitor. And while it deals with emotional truth it isn't really for public consumption. Which is why I, like Disco Stu, dont advertise. It isnt a magesterial state of the nation address: it's a desperate man writing down the horror of his day to day existence before sleep, depravation or chemical cosh rob him of his faculties.

The memories burn like an elephant on fire.

* * * * * *

That said I had a lovely weekend. Met Jess and Si for dinner in le Petit Auberge in Islington on Friday and Saturday saw us meet the East Dulwich Enormous at Tate Britain before me and the lads went off shoe shopping. Got some smart ox-blood D.M.s. Pinch me.

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