Thursday, 13 October 2011

Marie from Ulster Bank calls me. I have filled in a further form and returned it to then signing where the paper is marked x and including what they asked for, a bank statement as a proof of address. Why I have to prove my address when they've seen my passport, marriage certificate and my wife's death certificate. She died intestate: why does it matter where I live? The thing I sent them, despite having my name, the date, the banks name and my bank details on it is not good enough. They need to see the full statement. I ask why? What does that have anything to do with any thing? They claim to want a proof of address, I send them a proof of address. The proof of address is not good enough. They want more again. She mumbles something about the government. I say that's not really an explanation. She offer to send me stuff out to me stamped and addressed as if the shelling out for stamps is the big issue here. I remind her that this simple scenario, something that their bank should be able to do every day because their customers must die every day, probably of frustration, has taken three weeks, during which time I have had to go into the bank twice and go through the same shit twice because they lost the file and endure upwards of ten phone-calls. Its beyond belief.

I cannot see this ever ending. I cannot see any closure ever. This Tuesday marked three months since Kelly's death and still this thing continues.


  1. Someone could make a good living representing next of kin through this mad scenario - help them through simple, commonsense issues that should be so easily sorted by bank staff with any commonsense. Marie sounds a bit better than the rest of the UB staff; but like you say, stamps are the least of it. And none of this is what you should have to be still doing. Stay ferocious - they will get the message.

  2. Hah. If somebody did make a living out of representing the next of kin "at this difficult time" I wouldn't be able to afford them.