Friday, 1 April 2011

Apropos of nothing really...except I'm watching Doctor who.

I'm not a fan of the latest series of Doctor Who. I used to be a fan of sorts and, retrospectively, I am a fan of vintage Doctor Who. But that's clearly just my usual prediliction for endless lore and non-canonical histories - it's just another manifestation of my interest in mythologies. And it's grand stuff - hokey, over wordy, wobbly and bit crap: all the things I like.

But I'm not much of a fan of the new series. I like Matt Smith and his odd handsome elephant man as an indie-kid look. I liked David Tennant until his Christ fixation was in EVERY episode ("Forgive me Father. I'm Shorry. I'm Sho Shorry!"). I liked Christopher Eccleston; he turned up looking like a navvy with bad wet-look hair and briefly Billie Piper was the best actress in the country. It was fun and new and fresh. Stephen Moffat seemed to be a granite-hard Scots whittler next to the worst excesses of Rusty Pee's flabby Welsh wafflling. But this series has been wishy-washy and formulaic, with no new or interesting ideas; even the genre stuff like "Vampires of Venice" which should be chock full o' comedy tropes and bits of business is fondant light and unsatisfying. The doctor plays football with James Corden! That actually happened on your screens! Dr Who plays football with a fat comedian! There's no grist. As they say in the 80's, where I'm from, where's the beef?

But, and here's the thing, it has Karen Gillan in it. Those chocolate button eyes and legs till Tuesday: I WILL keep watching. She too is from the 80s - she was born in 1987.

Dirty old man.


  1. You like vintage Doctor Who? Nerd!

  2. You like Colin Baker bestest, though.

    You liked his yellow trousers.

    Yes. He was the best. The VERY best.