Wednesday, 13 April 2011

This is my 1ooth post on this blog. Bit of an anti-climax then. Nevermind, here's a joke wot I wrote. Ahem.

"Who cuts the hair in the vegetable family?"

"The Pa snips."


Showing my age there, obviously. I come from a world where your hair was cut by a family member or "your mum's friend". Today's children, with their pogs and rubik's snakes, would have no concept of being stripped to the waist over the kitchen sink while your "Auntie" Pauline cut chunks out of your scalp while smoking, drinking coffee and chatting to your mum over her shoulder. To this day I shudder on being offered a coffee at the hairdresser's. I'm sure the mirror is there to reassure you that your mum isn't sat behind you advising the barber to "even it out over the ears".


  1. Congratulations John.

    My auntie used to cut my hair. I remember when the gods of technology invented this -

    And what a cut it gives. I looked beautiful. Like a poodle trimmed by a blind man.

    It's Stewart btw.


  2. Hello Stew. Glad you could make it for my 100th post. You know that "Doctor" Leonard wasn't a real doctor. He was a bad man. A very bad man.

    My mum used to wash my hair, once a week, over the kitchen sink, with vinegar to get the grease out. It was like waterboarding and I smelled like a chip-shop. It was no joke - we lived by the seaside and the seagulls would follow me home.

  3. Er; my hair was cut while young by a nice lady who in the future - by which i mean the last ten years or so - turned out to be the auntie of one of the Mcfly, popular beat combo, etc.

    She was quite good, too. Although, at the time, so was I.


  4. I once watched a Lindsay Lohan film (on a plane, obviously - it wasn't mean girls)in which MCFly featured heavily as part of the story, even getting lines and character development. That is my McFly anecdote. I don't tend to dine out on it very often.