Friday, 1 April 2011

John Not-Particularly Gaunt

So, so-called popular culture, Crazy Horses are fine but Mad Cows are not. That's just racism.

Watching "Dracula 1972" and admittedly not for the first time. Stand outs: Michael Kitchen as a randy hippy, rock band "the Stoneground"'s song "Alligator Man" (not available on general release), Johnny Alucard upsetting a vase at a rich ladies party to prove what a badass he is, the bit where Pete Cushing draws lines from the various letters in Alucard's name to work out that Alucard is Dracula backwards. Johnny's ultimate death-by-skylight-and-shower-fate. The way Steph Beacham's bosoms bloody the nose of gravity. The way that the "kids"* hang out in a coffee shop but go to the pub for pints of mild and desperately want to go to Jazz concerts.

I am clearly a seventies kid.

"Silver bullets are not practical and garlic not one hundred per cent effective"

And i was relying on those kievs!

* Bob's a cock


  1. Hmm. This may need revisiting.

    What's the fil-im with Richard O'Sullivan and George Sewell in it?

  2. That's "The Haunted House of Horror". Should have been a good film but was mangled in the re-edit. Dave Bowie was up fort the part of the murderer - he couldn't have done a worse job than the knob they got in!

  3. Where the hell was Kitchen? How did I miss him?

    And how come that Richard O'Sullivan wannabe in the monk's habit didn't get taken out?

  4. He was one of the less showy members of the gang. Yeah, and it was a shame that the monk wasn't offed. And yet Caroline Munro fair...