Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And Now The Television Screening Starts...

Finally got round to watching the first "ep" of "Noah's Castle" (not to be confused with "Noel's House-party") it is EVERYTHING you could hope for and more: faux news broadcasts, tins of dog food that cost £3 ("it'll be £6 next week") Alun Lewis turning up and being disrespectful in a beard, the "Southern" logo that we used to get growing up in in Brighton, "issues", an internal narrative, tight navy blue jeans on every one (except the dad). Dad's a nazi, mum's rubbish (this is in the days when mums were allowed, nay expected, to be rubbish on television. Except for satirical purposes.)

The country is going to rack and ruin and Ex-army dad (cravat, brilliantine, neat moustache) decides to do something about it. He buys a big house in the country and starts stock-piling rations (including whiskey - "I dont touch the stuff myself but it will be good for bartering with the locals!") How does he finance this extravagance? (which he presumably paid for out-right, as well as the fortifications and provisions) - he's the manager of a shoe shop! Odd job for an ex-military type but I hear the pay is extraordinary!

His second in command in the shoe shop (played by the ugly one out of Auf Wiedesehen Pet. The ugliest one - the pock marked scouser. Him.) is of a different stripe - he wants to help people in the coming difficulties "old people, the handicapped, children" - you know - that lot. The kids are cynical about his do-goodery but afronted by Dad's self-interested fascism - they just want to have a good time. What's gonna happen? I can't wait to find out!

Oh and the music is by Jugg Music. It's squilliant. You can read more about them here:

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  1. I was forced to read this at school. Everything about it was bleak, oppressive and sick making- perfect children's literature.