Thursday, 5 May 2011

No thank you for the days.

Another day wasted. Another day without an interesting thought. Had some sort of weird emotional collapse yesterday - screaming and crying in front of, and to, Kelly. As if she doesn't have enough to contend with along toddles an infantile snot expulsive who used to be her husband. I haven't done anything like that before and I hope to never do anything like it again. I didn't feel better for it - I felt like I'd soiled myself; which of course I had.

I attempted to try and "walk it off" (or "run away" as it would have been if I'd been age appropriate to my outburst) Kelly just put her arms out to hug me and we hugged until the lunacy fell away.

Then we went to the hospital to hang around and not really get anything done.


  1. see, it's not all just shit film reviews

  2. Cut yourself some slack matey, I think you can be forgiven under the circs... glad no lasting harm done though. There will be better days.