Monday, 9 May 2011

"My son will be a sports enthusiast please do not kill him"

I saw a sign on the back of a car - "little liver on board". It took me a few moments to realise that the sign was in the shape of a red t-shirt and that, in fact, it was probably a reference to Liverpool football team.

But for a second I thought it mean't - "Please don't run into the back of my car as I have a small child but if you have to please don't pour brandy down his throat in an attempt to revive him for fear of health complications in later life."


  1. ha ha. Not sure what I'm s'posed to say, but there ya go; I read it, you have no other comments and it was funny. ps its usually the very drivers who plaster their rear windows in stickers to preserve the safety of their little dahlings who can't see out the bl**dings windows anyway. wouldn't happen in my imaginary citroen ds...

  2. ...about the only thing that wouldn't happen in the back of your imaginary citroen ds! Or something...

  3. Mr H, I cannot for the life of me imagine to what you can possibly be alluding. I could have the Iceman trussed up in the boot I s'pose...