Thursday, 17 November 2011

It's always the stupid little things. Today, as I was transcribing an interview into a word document, I wrote the word "team" and the word document helpfully suggest that I might want to insert the words "Team Spigot" into the text. "Team Spigot" were Kelly and I, named for an Ivor Cutler book. We were as much Team Spigot as we were "Muggins".

There's no more Team Spigot. I'll never get to use the "Smells like Team Spigot" joke again.

I hadn't thought about that in months.

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  1. I hadn't heard that one. Team spigot eh? It's good, at least for me anyway, to keep finding out little things about Kelly that I never knew before. But it must be horrible to be reminded of such things out of the blue like that. Hope you're ok. Give us a shout if you fancy some nerdy films later xox