Friday, 11 November 2011

We help light your way

It's 4 months to the day since Kelly died. I'm on the phone to Airtricity who want to take her to court for an unpaid bill of £86. You really do have to sweat the details.

I'm on hold while they cancel her account and invent mine. An aspirational Norn voice claims "we power sport, we power hospitals, we power transport, we help light your way."

Predictably they have nothing in place to deal with the death of a customer. Does nobody die any more? It is baffling how nobody can deal with the death of their customers. Do old people, at risk in the community, no longer use any services?

Miss you so much, darlin. You used to say that we were both shit at doing our admin. I'm proudly carrying on that tradition.

1 comment:

  1. The likes of Airtricity and Ulster Bank certainly aid you to be shit at admin. The prannies.