Monday, 20 June 2011

Back in the hospital again. Kelly's doctor has phoned her at her counsellor's and advised her that because of problems with her liver she may need to start a course of steroids again. This after we had already accepted that she would need to stop her hormone therapy and start another course of chemo (described as "light" chemo, in the manner of a subtle hammer). That was a knock. The hair loss is predicted to be "light" as well. But the steroid treatment is devastating; it's the same treatment that produced her massive manic period over Christmas; the treatment that saw her running to the respite house and then onto the hospital, that made her scared and mistrustful of even her closest family and saw me banished from our house before she would return to it. The dose is lower and there has been no direct-to-head radiotherapy this time and she is still sleeping (she was sleeping an hour a night at the height of her mania)but it is still shit scary.

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  1. sorry you've both hit another gruelling phase of the treatment. like you say, hopefully the effects will be milder this time.