Monday, 20 June 2011

Scotch Notes...

...writing in a rainstorm...scratching my sunburnt head, above me crows fight. Signs advising that I "Beware of Red Squirrels". Pheasants so gaudy and docile that they walk right up to you unaware of the stench of blood on my breath.

Have been looking at the photographs of me when we went to the magic castle: sunburnt in a blazer and pink shirt, my contact lenses in and my paunch hanging over my casual slacks - I am my dad on holiday. Except I'm not insisting on buying the drinks.

My golf round...


The soundtrack was provided by The Union Gap with "Lady Willpower" They Might be Giants with "Science is Real" and Billy Bragg and Wilco with "Ain't nobody that can sing like me"

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