Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Visitors

We're halfway through (more than halfway through) the visiting season and all has gone well thus far. Visits from D & G and M & R went swimmingly but the news that my mother was preparing to visit and stay for a week came with some trepidation...I needn't have worried. She was a joy from start to finish.

Kelly is bearing up well. She has lost a lot of weight because of stomach pains and is surviving mainly on a diet of compliments and energy drinks. Unfortunately the cough that she developed over Christmas is back again and this time the Codeine Linctus seems less effective; the coughing fits are sometimes so severe that she throws up the food that she struggles so hard to keep down. It is heart-breaking.

She says that her panic, her terminal dread, has left her now. And certainly since we moved back there had been a panicked, haunted look in her eyes. She seems less despairing now and says as much. But then again most of her time is taken up with a choking cough, anxiety and bone-deep fatigue: I'm not sure she has time to despair.

One thing that does lend creedence to her statement that the dread has lifted (and I do believe her, but this is corrobarative)is that she has started writing again! This pleases me more than anything as she is a fabulous, lucid and human writer. A new computer arrives tomorrow ( unbelievably kindly donated by beyond-the-call-of-duty friends D & G) - I can't wait to see what she does with it.

We're off to Scotland on the weekend, visiting my sister and brother-in-law and their delightful children. I hope she's well.

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