Thursday, 2 June 2011

I may have to take my business elsewhere if Blogspot/Blogger can't be arsed to pull their fingers out and get this shit working again

it's embarassing...


  1. did ya see all the helpful tips I got on my post? chrome is the way to go, if you havenae tried that yet.... says me, who can't use a laptop mouse without blowing the screen up. which explains why I can't drive...

  2. Humph. looks like chrome works Ms. Sparkle. But i resent having to have a special browser just to deal with Blogger's snafus! Damn them.

  3. Not a fan of chrome myself - at the moment I haven't sussed out where the cut'n'paste bit is. Kind of essential for the random way I throw my posts together, and for dealing with the ridiculous places my photos land in when I add them... still, it seems Blogger has railroaded us bloggers into its confines...