Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fun and Games

These games were invented by Douglas and Gwen. I think these are the rules:


Green-room is a game whereby you are in the green-room, back-stage at a chat-show, say Wogan or Russell Harty, and you are a celebrity of your own choosing. So is everybody else. The object of the game is to identify the various celebrities sat around you as quickly as possible while you yourself remain undetected. However points may be deducted for lacking flair and not amusing people with character quips and pithy anecdotes.


The acting master-class is slightly more complex. The set-up is as follows: there is a novice, hungry young actor and the worldly Master-Actor. The Master-Actor establishes a scenario for the neophyte with a lot of detailed back-story and, crucially, a piece of dialogue to play. This dialogue must be presented to the novice in a neutral manner. This is key because the acting Master already knows how he wants the line to be played. The novice must determine , using cunning and guile and, let's be honest, telepathy, how the Master would like the line played. This is the game's objective. It can be played by as little as two people taking it in turn to switch roles but is better with a larger cast. Of drunken show-offs.

- from Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures

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  1. Thank you for formalising the rules to these excellent made-up games.