Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kelly isn't getting better. And she isn't getting another dose of chemo as she isn't well enough to take that sort of systematic poisoning. She's moved now onto palliative care. Every thing is changing, it's dizzying, but yesterday I was taken aside and given a prognostic timeline for the first time. The first sighting of a black sail on the horizon. My poor, poor girl.

She's being amazing, of course. She's trying to make sure that she tells everyone that she loves them. That's her primary concern. I suspect this does mean everyone. She's such an incredible person.

Spent the last two nights at 90 North Road; first for Paul's birthday and then drinking and watching TV with the sound turned down with Stephen. I was talking wild and woolly bollocks for most of the time but it was good to be around people. And Mullans (and associated Mullans) are good people to be around. Hairy though.

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