Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Other people's dreams are really boring...

I finally dream about Kelly and it's a dream about the death of the son we never had. I was woken up by the phone just now and the images are curling away like plumes of smoke but Gyles Brandreth was definitely there, shaking my hand with his left one as he was eating a bowl of soup while standing at the bar (this would have been some sort of wake). Other odd details: I had painted a bright yellow painting called "Sim", hanging to the right of the now empty but card festooned crib. I remember my brother Barry attempting to make stragglers leave at the end of the wake in the manner of a sheep-dog attending sheep. The stuff about Kelly is hazy, it comes primarily at the start of the dream and she remains mysterious and intangible. It is Kelly as I first knew her with her long black beautiful hair but she is wise and serene. I cannot now remember anything about the action of the dream but that she was the vivid heart of it. This has been the best dream I've had for a very long time purely because of her presence. It should have been a nightmare and most of my dreams lately have been nightmares but this one had her in it and I was so pleased to see her. I didn't care about a silly dead son that I didn't have.


  1. Hey Johnny. How you doing?

    My granda was universally known as Sim. Weird connection, but there you go.

  2. That's a good dream. It's great you wrote it down.