Thursday, 25 August 2011

Finally rang the C.A.B., the D.L.A.* and the E.S.A. I've been putting off doing any admin for a long time but one of the joys of having to go and see my counsellor every week is that I need things to talk about. And doing stuff is one of those things.

The inland revenue sent a series of forms to fill in. A volume of forms. A codex. There's admin and there's just nail-pulling.

Today was my niece Rosie's birthday. I missed it. That's two for two so far. If I can forget Alec's I've covered them all! Really doing Kelly proud. At her sickest, her weakest, Kelly never forgot a child's birthday; or any one's birthday. I'm not fit to do things to her sandals (I forget whether it's to strap or unstrap - either way I'm not fit for it). I ring my mum because my sister has been staying in Basingstoke but she went back yesterday.

Have been watching "Big Train" in an attempt to cheer myself up but every other sketch is about being single and how people on their own are weirdos. I'm not single but I'm alone all right. The grey cat came into the house today for the first time since Kelly died. Usually it sleeps for hours in the spare room. Today it was in and out like a ninja cracksman.

Jesus, I'm tired of writing this shit.

*I thought this was something to do with Driving Licences. But apparently not.

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