Monday, 22 August 2011

Moth Death*

A plague of moths. Armoured moths that won't go down and won't stay out. I am haunted by Gerard de Nerval's poetical black butterflies. They are perverse animals (if you can call them that - they're made of dessicated shit) with long probing tongues and no sense of perspective. Edgar Poe included a Sphinx moth in his story "The Sphinx". The main character mistakenly thinks that the moth on a window is a huge monster. Much to his surprise, his friend points out that it is in fact very close and not on a hill in the distance.

The main character was right all along.

The dragon that St. George fought was the now extinct Dragon Moth. The Lambton Worm was a large, flightless moth that lived in a well and was covered in razor sharp spines. The Kraken is an under-seas moth with many sucker dappled tentacles. If you hit the devil with a towel he leaves a brown smudge on your paintwork.

What do they want from me? Why are they here?

*slightly elderly hip hop reference there

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