Friday, 26 August 2011

The Home of Happy-Time Hits!

It doesn't matter how bad it gets these songs always do the business, often for wildly differing reasons:

Pyjamarama - Roxy Music,
O my friends you've been untrue to me - Demis Roussos,
One night in Bangkok - Murray Head,
Pinball - Brian Protheroe.
Gourmandises - Alizee,
A Glass of Champagne - Sailor (it may be the way he pronounces "Champagne")
Head over Heels - Abba,
Spooky - Dusty Springfield,
In the Heat of the Morning - Dave Bowie,

Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath,
Kiljoy - The Czars,
Purple Haze - Dion,
Magic Fly - Space,
I Wanna be your Lover - La Bionda,
Pi - Kate Bush,
A Doll's House - John Barry,
Auntie Aviator - John and Beverley Martin,
The Lady with the Braid - Dory Previn,
Give me a little more time - Gabrielle,
Golden Years - Dave "second showing" Bowie,

The Look - Metronomy, (modern!)
Breathe and Stop - Q-Tip,
Boys - B.O.N.
L'Opportuniste - Jacques Dutronc,
Love Your Shoes - Furniture,
Biological - Air,
She's your baby - Ween,
Mississippi Delta - Bobbie Gentry,
Roam - B52s,
I was born to love her - Spain,
I was made to love her - Stevie Wonder,
You send me - Sam Cooke,
Being with you - Smokey Robinson,
I want more - Can,

These records were made a long time ago.

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