Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I'm on a thing called Jottify which is a new web-sitey thing for budding, or in my case rotted on the vine, writers. My comedy-cold-war-spy-mythological-circus novel "The Rain of Terror" has been posted on it. It is routinely being beaten in "follows" and "likes" by Dr Who fan-fiction and "comic" verse. Worse than this is the fact that my brother, the estimable E "O" Higgins, is the run-away success of Jottify, out-classing everybody and receiving uniformly fawning praise, with comparisons to Susan Hill and a "like" from Stephen Fry!**

Please drop by Jottify and show me love! I need positive reinforcement. He's younger and faster than me. Looks like this link doesn't work properly either. Cut 'n' paste it please. Sorry.

**What won't Fry do?

P.S. check out Edward's too. It is actually very good.


  1. Nonsense you have the fan fiction knocked into a cocked hat. You're, by some margin, number 2. The deputy head honcho of Jottify.

  2. "Number 2" to Edward's thin, golden, sugar puffs smelling "Number 1". I'm basically number 2 in a field of 1.

  3. Your likes per view ratio is the best by a mile.

    Imagine how it must be for everybody else in the show!

    Poor Sugarmaus'; editor's choice and still no-one even bothered to take a look at what she'd written to find out if it was any good.

    It's a fickle business old shum.