Monday, 5 September 2011

The Starfucker General

Just found out that the keyboard player in my old band is now a respected art film director. That's a bit depressing. Two of his films are showing in the "Festival at Queens" here in sunny Belfast. Don't know whether I shall attend.

I last met him in the Dublin Castle in Camden about ten years ago (this was about five years on from the Italian-House-Indie-Madchester-Shoegaze demos we had made together in a shed in Farnham. His secret weapon was an ancient keyboard called "The Jen" which couldn't play a proper melody but could be used to make all manner of farting lava noises - it made us sound a bit different to the rest of the shambling Rickenbacker wobblers around at the time.) We had both, independently, turned up to see the same Japanese Psyche-rock band. He told me he was living in a squat in the East end and was in a band called "Suture". We were going to keep in touch but didn't.


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