Monday, 12 September 2011

The Stone Killer

Day one of new health regime a partial success. Woke early, did some rather good writing, washed up, went for a lengthy walk, bought healthy foods and cooked them. Consumed no wine. Admin, sadly, remains untouched. But it will still be there tomorrow.

I've made a commitment for two months to exercise, eat good food and drink far, far less, with the notion that I should lose a stone in that time. I've written it down now so I will look like a prick if I don't do it. So good.


  1. Good stuff - keep at at it. The admin will always be there the next day, or the next - until the mood is right to sort it.

  2. Finally got some admin sorted - I'm on a week and a half turn around!

  3. Good going - my latest strategy is to leave it til it ceases to be relevant; though not something that you can do, with it being about money, and re-possessing email accounts... mine is pretty hum-drum. I had fun with the CSA for years, and told them I'd be bringing out a book of the doodles I'd been doing whilst on hold.